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Race Card Poem by Farmington, Lakeville & South s.t.a.r.t. Students

May 25, 2012

Here’s the Race Card Poem created by students from Farmington, Lakeville and South High Schools, joining together students’ six-word reflections.

My color is not my identity!

Racism is not a way of life.

We’re people, we’re equal, we’re one

We’re all human, we’re equal


Be unique, be different, be you

Identity.  People.  Destructive.  Assimilation.  Isolating.  Systemic.

Race is not just another struggle

Racism is like pollution, it stinks


A blanket over someone’s true ethnicity

 Racism is like a war—furious

 Classification.  Identification.  Isolation.  Destruction.  Assimilation.  Separation.

 Tear drops falling from my ancestors


Underneath it all, we’re the same

 Like a rainbow, different but connected

 Coming together to make a difference

We, together, can change the world

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