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For more information on Project s.t.a.r.t. Leadership, you may call Kate Towle at:  612.743.5107 or e-mail her at:   A video about Project s.t.a.r.t. Leadership is available on the African American Registry Community Page at:

The Project s.t.a.r.t. Leadership Mission:

To provide a safe and academically rigorous forum for students to foster racial equity, cultural competence and deepened connections in their schools.

The Role of PSL and Equity Coaches is to:

  • Invest in the intercultural awareness of our leaders,
  • Through this development, provide access to the economic ladder for all students,
  • Develop young people as leaders who will make decisions that are more inclusive and will catalyze the cultural assets of peers. They will play an active role in working with the community to remove restrictive barriers and to negotiate access to opportunities.

The Role of Student Leaders is to:

  • To become civic leaders, actively collaborating with adults to foster safe and bias-free, culturally-competent schools,
  • To create safety for fellow students to:
    Grow in their cultural identity;
    Raise awareness of other cultures;
    Join together with students of other cultures to foster dialogue and racial equity.
  • To move from a monocultural mindset, or basing understanding on one’s own cultural values and practices, to a global mindset, which bases understanding on one’s own and other cultures’ values and practices.

View a pdf about Project s.t.a.r.t. Leadership at: Project s.t.a.r.t. Leadership Presentation 2-15.2011.

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  1. Atlese Robinson permalink
    May 24, 2011 1:32 pm


    Our education has bred us by the ideals of Willie Lynch
    We are desensitized by the systematic racism
    That allows our fingers to be wrapped around triggers
    Before our diplomas
    Academic imprisonment is the basis of our curriculum
    In third grade our reading level is the deciding factor of whether
    College or the penitentiary
    Will be our transition to adulthood

    We are disciplined as children how to function under institutional oppression
    We are accustomed to confined levels of achievement that defines our identities

    Grades divide us

    “Smart blacks” are “white blacks”
    “Dumb blacks” are “caged blacks”
    And eventually you have rigor mortis piles of just blacks…

    But as a country, we are proud we’ve abolished slavery…

    We cultivate genocide through our textbooks
    In 1927 there was a great flood of the Mississippi river
    We cultivate genocide through our textbooks
    The bodies of black men were replacement levees
    We cultivate genocide through our textbooks
    In 2005 Hurricane Katrina displaced 15 million people
    We cultivate genocide through our textbooks
    It is no coincidence, the amnesia of our textbook writers
    Have lead to a repetition of a catastrophe

    There should be no gap in achievement
    Black, white, brown, yellow, and red are colors
    Not human beings
    Pigmentation should not determine our educational quality
    CIF numbers can’t explain why her father’s addiction leaves her with bruises
    Trigonometric ratios on the MCA test does calculate he number how hours
    He has to work to feed his younger siblings
    Or how may bullets stopped his best friends heart from beating
    And it definitely can’t tell you how many anti-depressants she’s taken like tic-tacs…

    Our education binds us to poverty

    ALC ‘s are not solutions
    There are poor attempts to compensate for a failing curriculum
    Students are crammed into makeshift prisons
    Where guns and drugs are more accessible than books
    Teachers are pessimistic
    Body counts rise faster than the graduation rates
    And school board officials are audacious enough to ask why
    Students are so unmotivated
    If there is no sense of a community
    Teachers don’t understand we have to carry more than books
    And we don’t comprehend teachers have to do more than grade papers
    Classrooms will continue to be reenactments of
    Prison Raids

    We need to cut down the psychological nooses strangling our schools

    It’s time education represents freedom
    Rather than constricts us in mental cages
    It’s time to take Willie Lynch out of school

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